About Me

Foodnthought is dedicated to my mom from whom I have inherited passion and patience for cooking. She consciously created interest of cooking in me right from my childhood as she knew the value of home cooked healthy food. So let me start with thanking her for that. THANKS a loooootttt MOM!!!

I hail from a small town Mandvi Kutch, Gujarat and have spent first 18 years of my life over there. So you will find reflection of traditional Gujarati cuisine on this blog. I shifted to Mumbai, Maharashtra after that and since then I have always loved Maharashtrian Cuisine here. So you will find lot of Marathi dishes here as well. My hubby is a crazy fan of South Indian food so South Indian Cuisine is an integral part of my day-to-day menu. So all in all this is a platform where I will be sharing different vegetarian cuisines and delicacies. And, I also like adding my own twist and variations to the recipes which you would come across in this blog.

I guess all the food bloggers have their journey and a story behind a blog. And in “About Me” section we are supposed to share it with our readers. So here goes my story. I am a commerce graduate and have been working since last 10 years. In 2014 I was blessed with my baby boy and since then I am a stay at home parent. I must admit that I was missing my office days badly and was looking for some “work from home” option. So while having a conversation with one of my close friend, she suggested me to start a food blog. I can’t thank her enough for that. But still THANKS to her. The idea instantly clicked me as cooking is my all-time passion. And I am equally fond of reading and writing. Now the only problem was the technical knowledge that you need to run a blog. Again she offered me help, by designing this beautiful blog for me and here begins my new journey. The website is still and always be a work in progress.


I must admit few things here. I am not good with developing a recipe. Of course exceptions are always there but in general Foodnthought is a collection of recipes which has already been there in different Indian Cuisines. So most of the recipes are inspired, adapted and learnt from different sources (cook-books, web/newspaper articles, blogs etc) and I do give them the due credit for that. And I will expect the same from you as well.

I believe that almost 80% recipes in all the blogs are same and they are made with little variation in process. I truly and genuinely respect the hard work all the bloggers put into a recipe and will never ever try to take away their credit. As I believe it is unethically and unprofessionally to post something that does not belong to me on my name. So I have mentioned true sources of the recipes posted here with website links. Still if any of my fellow blogger feels it to be inappropriate you can contact me and the content will be removed with immediate effect. I also expect the same if somebody is posting my recipe on their blogs.

I have also kept a place for thought in my blog but that I will work on later as right now my hands are already full with cooking, food Photography, Food styling and content writing. As I am a non-technical person I need to devote extra time on technical know-how as well. So Keep in touch with me and eventually an interesting thought section is about to unveil soon.

Photos and Images

All the recipes on foodnthought are tried and tested at home and all the pictures are taken either by me or by my hubby. He is the person without whose support this blog wouldn’t be possible. So a biggggg THANKS HUBBY!!!! As I am not that good with camera he usually comes to my rescue by clicking the pictures. As I am not a professional photographer I usually turn to him or Google for photography and styling basics.

Advertise Policy

Foodnthought is used for advertising by advertisers. I may or may not have used the products personally and endorsing it might just be for commercial purpose.


You can share tips, cooking ideas, suggestions and healthy criticism is also welcomed. However unkind, mean and rude comments will be moderated for obvious reasons.

Let’s cherish the joy of cooking. Happy cooking!!!!