Thin Peanuts Chikki Recipe

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2 Responses

  1. Mamta says:

    I tried making chiiki with organic jaggery.. I used organic jaggery powder..i was not able to bind my chikki..
    Someone said you need to use chikki jaggery..with organic jaggery we cannot make chikki.. please guide me…

    • foodnthought says:

      Hi Mamta. Jaggery powder and Jaggery are two different things. Here I have used Organic Jaggery and I always use the same. Chikki will turn out great with organic jaggery if the consistency is right. make sure you check jaggery syrup by dropping few drops in cold water. If you can break it after cooling down its done. Try it again as the recipe says and I am sure it will turn out great.

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